Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper or Plastic?

The question, "Paper or plastic?" is one that we don't often hear at the grocery store these days. Usually the choice is between plastic and reusable shopping bags, and if, like me, you always forget to bring your bags to the store, the choice is made for you. But given the option, I always choose paper. And, no, this isn't out of concern for the environment (although, let's be honest, its current state is a cause for concern), this is because brown paper holds so many possibilities. Brown paper can be parchment, clothing patterns, stencils, posters, you name it. Brown paper can be an integral part of your project, or it could be the protective surface on which you work. Brown paper can be a book cover, a scrapbook page, a hat, a map, or a bookmark. Wrap a box in brown paper, tie with twine, and add a little grease to the corners and you have a package delivered by the Pony Express, through rain, snow, sleet, and hail. I get as excited about brown paper as Michelangelo looking at a brand new slab of marble. (Not that I claim a LARP map or prop Wanted Poster to be the equal of the Pieta, but you know what I mean, there's genuine excitement there.) I love transforming a bit of nothing into something, and a paper grocery bag spurning its destiny rotting in a landfill to become something of use, adding texture to our daily lives, just thrills me. What can I say, I get excited easily.

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