Saturday, February 19, 2011

Motivation Revisited

A detour can really make it hard to keep on track
with your project.
Finishing, that's the challenge. I have started a million different projects over the years, but the number of project completions is much lower. Sometimes the problem is time, sometimes it's motivation, and occasionally it is lack of skill. It can be easy to lose momentum when a roadblock comes up (such as a lack of materials, a design error, or the Zombie Apocalypse), and then all your ambition just fizzles out. Sometimes it's just laziness, I admit that. Recently, however, I have discovered a new tactic to combat a lull in motivation: declare your intentions to the world, so that everyone knows what you are working on and can periodically inquire about your progress, cheer you on, or make fun of you when you quit. This may not seem like much of a plan, but as humans, we find appearances very important. We want to be held in esteem by our peers, and we hate for anyone to see us fail. A public failure is so much more devastating than a private one (ask Tiger Woods), and so the fear of failing on stage or social network can be a big motivator. If you have accountability, you don't want to let others down, and that makes you work harder to finish your task, and do it right. So, while I am still loyal to the good ol' fashioned To-Do list, I am giving this tactic a test drive. I suppose you'll know if it works when I triumphantly declare victory or refuse to meet you in the eye and try to avoid the subject. Either way, it's out there for the world to see, and the world doesn't settle for excuses.

How do you keep yourself motivated? And don't tell me you live in a van down by the river...

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  1. Thanks for the link! If it's something that's important to me, I sometimes ask for an accountability partner to keep me on track. But then again, if it's truly important to me, then I guess I would be motivated by its importance.

  2. That's true, the most important tasks get done because they must be done, like feeding the kids and other non-optional jobs. Sometimes it is all about overcoming your excuses, which you address on your blog frequently, and is a big thing for me. But having accountability doesn't hurt, lol, and I'm kind of putting it to the test with my writing project. Attempting to write a book, and I have told everyone on Facebook!