Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh, the Parties We Can Plan

If only kids didn't grow, Eli could wear his
Halloween costume to the big event.
It's official: I have come up with the theme for my daughters' upcoming birthday party. I know you have all been waiting for this announcement, so I won't prolong the agony of your anticipation. I mean, ever since last year's smashing Tea Party success (the tea and crumpets kind, not the sleazy political kind), many of you have been eagerly awaiting this year's gala event, and I won't make you hold your breath any longer. It is an idea with such potential, it will be so amazing, I know you must be dying to hear it... Okay, sorry, I just had to.

Lady Katie and Fair Claire will be celebrating the second anniversary of their birth with a Princess Masquerade Ball. In my mind, the guests will wear Renaissance ball gowns, heraldic tunics, armor, and, of course, colorful masks. The tables will be laden with silver trays heaping with food fit for a princess (read: cheese, crackers, fruit, cookies, etc.). We will have banners and flags, flying our colors boldly, and rich tapestries gracing the bare stone walls... I mean, colorful plaster walls... of our home. I have a giant piece of cardboard that is just waiting to be used, and I'm thinking it's castle time. I can make "parchment" or "vellum" invitations from brown paper bags and seal them with crayon wax or stickers or possibly colored hot glue. The girls will need dresses made, and Eli's dragon tunic is getting a little small... Oh, dear, I've got a lot of work to do, and only two months to do it in, I had better get off the computer and get started....

Party planning has always been a passion of mine, as you may have guessed if you read Fruit Pizza for Breakfast. I love coming up with a theme, decor, costumes, and a menu that all tie in together. Eli's best birthday parties have been his Tonka Truck party (he had a giant Tonka truck filled with no-bake cookies instead of a cake) and his Cowboy party (complete with a rack of ribs, cornbread, and beans and Roy Rogers playing in the background). I prefer themes that are not related to Disney characters and that you cannot buy a "party kit" for. I thrill in the chase; the scavenger hunt for the perfect props energizes and excites me. No, a kit party is too easy (and too expensive). I'm not paying $5 for 8 plates when I can buy 25 plates for $1. No sir, my budget is best saved for other things, like an $8 can of stone-textured spray paint for the cardboard castle that I can see forming in my head... Yes, things that give a party texture are worth spending money on, not something that's going to be covered up in food anyway and then thrown away as soon as you are finished with it. Ahh, the possibilities...

Do you have any ideas or suggestions that go with this theme? I would be happy to hear them! I will post pictures as I get props and costumes finished. (Finally, you say, the 'Cardboard Crafter' does something crafty!)

Katie and Claire's first birthday party was a lot of fun for big brother, cousins,
Susie, and Hobbes. Even if they don't remember it, the rest of us do, and the
 girls will love the pictures when the get older.

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