Saturday, March 19, 2011

Picture of the Day: Redacted

Yesterday I was tempted to post a picture of my partially cleaned sewing room as the picture of the day... I was so proud of myself, there was even floor! I vacuumed, albeit with the tiny battery powered vac (it's quiet and didn't wake sleeping babies), but still, that count's right? I packed all my doll house stuff in a large box and put away my paints and brushes and wrapping paper. I threw out a bag full of fabric scraps and stray bits of paper that I won't use. I was making some progress! Then I remembered I had six bags of fabric, notions, and other random craft items in the hallway, just waiting to be moved into my sewing/craft room...

Four black garbage bags, one white garbage bag, and one Rubbermaid tub, to be more accurate. My grandmother had been very generous with her donations to my materials collection. Once unpacked, I had a wealth of sparkly things, buttons, sequins, lace, and yards upon yards of fabric. Treasure indeed! So many pieces that I can use for my little princesses' ball gowns! However, the overflowing boxes and bags didn't do much to improve the organization in my tiny little sewing and craft room. Thus my reason for NOT posting my progress as the Picture of the Day.

My dress form is now sporting a new white cape and fur wrap, two items that came from
the bags. The only real shelving unit I have in the sewing room is this baker's rack.

The dreaded pink carpet... at least when the room is a mess, you don't see so much pink!
Bright side?

Boxes, bags, open drawers... yeah, not Picture of the Day worthy progress.

I have determined that, ideally, I need to have wall to wall shelving about 18" deep, the top shelf no more than five and a half feet off the ground (so I can reach it... I'm what some may call vertically challenged). I can put large items on the top shelf and fabric organized by color, fiber type, weave vs. knit, etc. on the shelves below. I would have small baskets full of thread, yarn, buttons, ribbons, appliques, and other smaller items. The pink carpet would have to go (yeck.... not a pink person) and I need some bright green or blue paint on the walls for an earthy, clean feeling in the room.

Budget for this room makeover: $0. Supplies: whatever I can scrounge up. Time frame: yeah, right. But a girl can dream, right?

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