Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Renovations and Remodeling

My little "instruction" worker.
My son has been asking me almost since the house was built, "Mommy, can we build a bathroom?" I've been putting it off, telling him that his friends can just go outside if nature calls, but finally I caved. We set aside a few hours today ("the sisters", as he calls them, were at grandma's house) and set about with our construction project, Cardboard Crafter style. No, folks, we were not building a bathroom onto OUR home, we were expanding the G.I. Joe house. 

Using a beat up diaper box (which we repaired with hot glue and packing tape) and a large shoe box for our raw materials, we were able to attach two additional rooms to the two-room house, effectively doubling its size. Now the Joes and Barbies (the female companions of the elite fighting force, because, let's face it folks, it gets a little lonely when it's just the guys) have a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom, although no toilet as of yet. We floored the room with some contact paper I had left over from another project and wallpapered the walls with green construction paper (would he want any other color? I don't think so.). When the rooms were done, we set about making some furniture to fill them and added a few other little details, such as curtains, windows, and art on the wall. After a couple hours work, this is what we came up with:

This is what we started out with today. Even though it boasts hardwood floors and brightly
colored wallpaper,  it lacks proper facilities.

These are the two rooms that were added on today. As you can see, the Joes stood by
looking over my shoulder as I worked, critiquing as we went along and making suggestions
(typical men).
The bathroom (upstairs) after flooring and wallpaper were added. We hung a curtain
using a pipe cleaner hot-glued in place as a curtain rod and glued a faux window to
the back wall. The sink was a ceramic knick-knack that came from Dollar Tree. No toilet
or bath tub yet, but we may construct them from salt dough.

The kitchen boasts the same color scheme as the bathroom. My son wanted to paint
the sink green too, but I convinced him to choose a color that wouldn't blend into the
walls so much. The sink is made from a Pop Tart box and the bottom of a plastic cup,
with a bendy straw for the faucet. The plate shelf on the wall is a cardboard box with a
strip of paper glued across to keep the plates from falling. The paint wasn't dry yet, so
we hadn't put the plates up when the picture was taken.

We got the basics done, but it's still a little rough looking. There are many things that the Joes need in order to make life a little more comfortable, but now, at least, they can wash their hands and dishes in their new sinks and hide from Barbie in the locked bathroom if she is having one of her mood swings. All in all, a pretty productive day.


  1. Love the bathroom, green is soothing & masculine...just what the G.I. Joes need!

  2. Thanks! It's Eli's favorite color. (He used to like pink until he realized it was a "girl" color, lol) Except for the white in the corners and edges (which we might cover up with a "decorative border"), I think the construction paper worked pretty well as a wall covering.