Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ruffled Shirt, Take Two

Ruffled shirt, round one. My little pirate, still my favorite
costume. It's tragic that this is the only picture I have
of him in it!
My little prince discovered his pirate shirt (Halloween, age 2) in an old trunk and decided he wanted to use it for his prince costume at his sisters' upcoming birthday ball. It has been two years since I made the pirate shirt, so it didn't quite fit, but it was close. When I originally constructed it, I had made the neck a little too loose, but now it is perfect. All we needed to do was add some lace to the ragged ends of his sleeves (they were a bit short and weather-worn from years at sea), and we added a sash to the waist for length. 

The original shirt was made from some pantaloons from a thrift store, worn upside-down. The waist is still the waist, but the legs became sleeves, and the neck was made from a hole in the crotch. (I washed them first, don't worry!) I cut the lace cuffs off and they became his ruffled collar, along with some white fabric from a handkerchief, a blue ribbon, and a jewel from the blazer I recycled for his pirate coat. I love recycling old clothing into costumes, because the sewing is halfway done for you! 

The haughty prince deigned to have his picture taken for this post, much to the pleasure
of his royal subjects. The coat he is wearing here is from a pirate costume that my Aunt
Melinda made for me as a child. She was a much better seamstress than me, and after all
these years and many washings, it still looks brand new, not a frayed seam to be found.

What was your favorite Halloween or party costume as a child? What was your most memorable improvisation?

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