Saturday, March 12, 2011

What To Do When You Have No Diapers, or Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems

My solution to the Rubik's cube? Remove
all the stickers and reapply them on the
correct side of the cube.
This morning I had two baby girls in the bath tub, and one clean diaper. Problem. Twins may share a lot of things in life, but diapers are not one of them. What to do? My sis-in-law had a creative solution right off the bat: stick a maxi pad to a hand towel and wrap around baby, attach with tape or safety pins. Wow, that would really work, I thought. I'll have to file that idea away for the next diaper emergency. Fortunately for my fashion conscious 1-year-olds (they are already obsessed with shoes), I did not have to implement this creative solution. Instead I sent big brother next door to Grandma's house to fetch the diapers that she kept on hand, but it was a near thing, we could have gone with the towel solution. 

Often when things go wrong, we are tempted to pout, throw things, shake our fists at fate, or simply give up, but I'm here to say that sometimes, with a little innovation, that mountain standing between you and your goal is really just a speed bump. It's a matter of perspective: if you view a problem as the end-all message from the universe that things were just not meant to be, you'll never finish anything, especially in art. Problems arise all the time, and how a person responds says a lot about character. A creative problem-solver can often find a better solution than a person who always operates within the established operating procedures or always follows the directions (Disclaimer: always follow safety precautions on product labels, I'm not here to promote house fires or inhalation injuries). There's a reason the phrase "thinking outside the box" has become such a cliche: because it's necessary for our continued evolution, whether technologically speaking or otherwise. This is how perspective was invented, oil paint, and many other innovations in the art world. It's how the frugal or found artist works. You take your lemons and make lemon souffle. Or lemonade, whatever. Personally, I'll take the souffle.

Do you have a funny story about a time you had to implement a creative solution in your life? Please share.

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  1. Well said! I would have never thought to use a maxi pad! ha