Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Art of Paying if Forward, or I Promise It's 100% Edible

My mom came to visit the other day, and like any self-respecting grandparent, she brought gifts for the kids. The girls, ever the little princesses, were very happy with their cute leather shoes with pink polka-dot bows and their purple and white Springy purses. My little adventurer was excited to try out his new backyard adventure vest and binoculars, and made sure to show everybody his "journal" that came with it, picturing all the other items in that play set that he does NOT yet own. And she brought something for me, too. Knowing my affinity for the creative, my mother brought me something she thought I could make use of: a package of edible Easter grass and bunnies. It didn't take long to formulate a plan.

Yesterday I gathered supplies, a package of cake mix and some icing from the Dollar Tree. I had eggs and applesauce (an oil substitute in baking, and healthier to boot), so basically I spent $2 on this project. Not bad for  an hour's worth of fun with my kid and a delicious dessert as well!

Eli poured the mix, water, and applesauce in, and Mommy helped with the eggs. He kept
asking if he looked like a girl in the apron, and I assured him that eyelet lace is very
masculine. Don't you agree?

When the cupcakes were baked and cooled, I piped the icing on using a
zip-lock bag with the corner cut. These were the supplies we used to decorate:
edible grass and bunnies, chocolate covered, multi-colored sunflower seeds,
and Butterfinger eggs.

Eli performed the role of "quality control" making sure that everything was up to par
flavor-wise. In other words, he kept eating the toppings while we worked.

He was very proud of his work.

He decided that the top cupcake, the one with the Butterfinger egg and no
grass, would be his. Later, he asked me which one was his, because he couldn't
remember... so I guess his selection was arbitrary.

We didn't get to do an Easter egg hunt outside because of the rain today,
but we created a mini "egg" hunt on several of these, using the sunflower
seeds as eggs.

Eli had a blast making cupcakes today (even more fun than he had eating them, I think). And I'll have to admit, so did I. Thanks, Mom for always nurturing my creativity! I'm doing my best to pay it forward. 


  1. Very cute! This is more my style..I like creating something different with each cupcake instead of the mass amount of chicks I did this weekend.

  2. Yeah, especially when you are working with kids, anything goes with the decorating! It is more fun to try creative variations, although it can be more costly to have all the supplies... luckily, the Easter Bunny had brought all the other candy supplies besides the edible grass and bunnies, so there was really no extra expense associated with this project for toppings.