Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love and the Placebo Effect, Teaser #4

Nothing better than a steaming cup of coffee to help you
face the day. Once it's in your daily life, missing that cup
can make you feel out of sorts and cranky.

“You’ve got it all figured out, don’t you?” Adrian teased, a look of amusement playing across his features.

“Don’t laugh, I’m serious. You are always laughing at me,” Jane accused, her face heating up. The beer had loosened her tongue, but it had not dulled her senses. The man still got to her.

“Maybe I just enjoy you,” Adrian countered. “Maybe I find you refreshing.”

“Maybe you just like to make me feel uncomfortable,” she shot back, calling him out. Sure, he found her refreshing, like a novelty cocktail, but not something you’d drink every day. She knew she would never be more than an Appletini to him, but Jane wouldn’t settle for a man unless she was his daily cup of coffee, an essential part of his everyday life.


One of the major themes of "Love and the Placebo Effect" is how we define love based upon a metaphor. Jane's assertion throughout the story is that love is a placebo in our lives, making us feel all warm and fuzzy when really it's all bunk. Personally, I disagree with her, and like a stubborn friend, I bend her to my point of view by the end of the book. As you may have noticed above, even though Jane doesn't believe in love, she still longs to be a "daily cup of coffee" in Adrian's life, which in truth is another metaphor for love (though she'd never admit it). What is your favorite metaphor for love?

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