Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Movie and a Sword Fight, What Better Way to Start the Day?

She looks positively dangerous in her
Prince of Persia shirt and pirate coat.
There's no more exciting way to spend your morning than adventuring on the high seas, fighting fire-breathing dragons, battling scurvy pirates and evil robots, and finishing your quest all in time for a satisfying lunch of PB&J sandwiches and milk. I've been having a great morning watching the kids play dress-up while they watch The Princess Bride on the big TV. I think my ladies have picked up a few new fencing techniques from Westley for their next epic sword fight against big brother. My girls look positively dashing with their tunics, coats, and swords.

Watching my own kids play brings back fond memories from my own childhood. My sisters and I reenacted scenes from that very same movie after we had watched it. We, too, would dress in costume to enhance our play, donning layers of lacy slips or my oldest sister's silky, peach, ring-bearer dress from my grandma's wedding (yes, I did say my sister's ring-bearer dress: she was a little too old to be a flower girl with the rest of us). We would pile pillows on the floor and climb to the top of the bunk bed again and again to replay the scene. You know the one: Princess Buttercup leapt from the tower, smiling as she fell in slow-motion, yards of fabric trailing after her as she floated into Fezzik's awaiting arms. We never did get the slow-motion part down, but we sure accomplished the yards of flowing fabric and the falling. The only problem we ever had was deciding whose turn it was to be Buttercup.

My own daughters seem to relate more to the swordsmen than the princess. Perhaps that is a symptom of having an older brother to emulate instead of sisters. I'm sure my little ladies will become delicate princesses as they grow older and our costume collection expands, but at the moment there's nothing feminine about them as they cross swords and run screaming through the house, narrowly escaping bandits and cutthroats to arrive back at their own pirate ship. And that's fine with me, who am I to stifle their creativity?

The Princess Bride has always been one of my favorite movies for the adventure, comedy, drama, and love story. It leaves me feeling good every time I watch it, and I love sharing that with my babies. I think that Pirates of the CaribbeanStardust, and Lord of the Rings also deserve special recognition as being wonderful, imaginative adventure tales that I want to share with my kids to fuel their play. If you haven't seen all of these, add these movie titles to your Netflix. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

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