Thursday, April 14, 2011

Picture of the Day: Awesome Backyard Fort

The kids built an awesome fort (with the help of Ethan's mama) complete
with table, chairs, bench, and cooler full of Kool-Aid. The only thing
missing was a "No Girls Allowed" sign with backwards Rs, but I think
the ladies were glad that the fort was co-ed. Spending the sunny day
outside eating popsicles and hot dogs and dodging fire from the Nerf Gun
Sniper and his trusty sidekick, Eli was just what the doctor ordered!
The fort was constructed from PVC pipe, tarp, tires, cinder blocks, bamboo blinds, and just about anything else they could find, implementing tree branches for camouflage. Spying on the occupants through the car tire windows, we see the conspirators planning their next guerilla attack on their unsuspecting rivals. 

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