Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Picture of the Day: "Mythic Self-Portrait"

Mythic Self-Portrait, Thaneeya McArdle, 8"X10"
Digital art, 2003
Thaneeya McArdle is an artist who has traveled the world in search of inspiration and spiritual enlightenment. Her work is colorful and imaginative, often integrating disparate elements to achieve a cohesive whole, as in the above piece. I love the mystery and meditative peacefulness this picture evokes. In the words of the artist: "This image involves a meditating figure with a clock illuminating the third eye. Emanating from the figure is a blend of Buddhas, black hole equations, and a map of the stars. This image exemplifies a marriage of science and religion, both of which are pedantic attempts at examining the reason for life on earth. The religion/science relationship depicts a unification of the outer world with the inner workings of the mind. This didactic standpoint demonstrates a search for the meaning of life that is based on research and discipline, creating a synthesis between the oft-opposing disciplines of religion and science."

The things that strike me about this artist are her boundless curiosity about the world and her ongoing search for answers. I think we should all approach the world with an attitude of child-like wonder and an appreciation for all it can teach us, after all, it worked out pretty well for us as kids.

Interested in learning more about Thaneeya's techniques? Check out her instructional website!

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