Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Picture of the Day: Who's A Cute Wittle Baby?

There's more than one way to make a baby with your eyes and your mother's
chin. Artist Jason Thompson has birthed several little Jason's, but this one
is the most precious...

Artist Jason Thompson  is a sculptor who prefers to work in large-scale, industrial materials and has lately been working in bronze, which he lovingly calls "an expensive, time-consuming, pain in the ass." This piece is part of a series of bronzes that Thompson has been working on, all featuring his own mug fused to an undersized body. This particular photo was taken as a play on those expensive studio portraits that parents spend way too much money on, according to the artist. Personally, I love it as a metaphor for the creative process. Artists and parents are both creators, and spend much time and energy making sure their "creation" is just right before turning it loose in the world. Jason holds a BFA from Marshall University and is working toward his Master's at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. To see more of the artist's work or to contact him for a commission, please check out his website. Or check out this article to learn more about the artist and his inspiration.

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