Tuesday, May 31, 2011

$3 Dinner: This Tastes too Good to be Budget Fare!

Not familiar with Senora Verde and Coburn Farm brands?
These came from Save-A-Lot and are just as tasty as the
name brand products. (And yeah, I did have some fun
with photo-editing on this picture.)
So, as you know, I ascribe to the idea of being "infinitely creative" in the kitchen; however, I also like to save money, and, let's not forget, eat some tasty food. I was proud of myself today because I think I lived up to all of those ideas. Dinner tonight was pretty thrifty. A mixture of leftovers, garden fresh produce, and some inexpensive grocery store items produced a really tasty taco salad. The breakdown is as follows:

Leaf lettuce -- from the garden
Green onions -- from the garden
Tortilla chips -- leftover from party
Colby Jack shredded cheese -- leftover from party
Salsa -- leftover from party
Ranch dressing -- leftover from party
1 lb ground beef -- approx $2 from store
Taco seasoning -- approx $1 from store

I browned and seasoned the ground beef, cleaned and chopped the lettuce and onions, and mixed the salsa and ranch dressing (there wasn't enough of either to make it worthwhile, but together they make a yummy salad dressing). On a bed of lettuce, I added the meat and cheese, crumbled on the tortilla chips, spooned on some dressing, and tossed in a handful of green onions. Next step: wolf it down! A delicious dinner for the family for a grand total of $3. You can't beat that... or can you?

Share your thrifty recipes or money saving secrets in the comments below! How do you save money AND produce tasty and/or healthy meals for your family? Inquiring minds want to know :)

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