Monday, May 2, 2011

The Boring Dad... A Misnomer, Methinks

Cardboard box forts? The Boring Dad knows how to keep
the kids happy on a budget and keep their creative juices
flowing. Check out his blog! The link is below.
Fussy, fussy monkeys, tired grouchy mama. Not a good combination to start the day. Breakfast has been served and eaten, Disney is on the TV, toys are spread from one end of the house to the other, but all these monkeys want to do is use me as a pillow. Are they getting sick? No fevers. Teething? Not that I can tell. Not enough sleep? No way, they went to bed early last night. Perhaps spoiled from the few sunny days we've had? Now we're getting somewhere.

Every morning when I get the babies out of bed, the first thing they ask for (before they even mention they are "Hungee!!!") is shoes and socks. They want to get ready to go outside. I've got a troupe of fun-lovin', sun-lovin' kiddos, and now that winter is gone, they want nothing more than to be running and laughing in the great outdoors, just as a kid should. But this is the rainy season, and from what I've heard, April 2011 has had record-breaking rainfall. Looking out my window now, I see an overcast sky threatening to drop rain at any moment. I ask myself, dare I risk taking the kids out when it could start raining in five minutes, and they would be even more upset at having to come back inside? Do I get dressed and put on shoes and socks, building anticipation, with the possibility of a giant letdown when the predicted rain falls? I'm already at my wit's end trying to cope with the fussing now, can I survive it if we amp it up a notch?

No, there must be a better way. A creative solution to the problem. Something fun... Well, The Boring Dad has lots of creative, low cost ways to entertain your cranky kids, and honestly, if he's boring I must be... mind-numbing? I don't know, something more boring than boring. Honestly, the Q-tip battle looks like it would be lots of fun, and I think that Daddy would enjoy setting up a Putt-Putt for the kids in the backyard. If it ever stops raining. Thanks, Boring Dad, for your innovative kid-time games!

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