Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sighs of Pleasure and Relief, A Tale of Happily Ever After

Lady Katie and the Masked Bibby.
There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when a project comes together. Pride, joy, euphoria (and no, it's not the caffeine speaking!), whatever you want to call it, it's a natural high you can't find in a bottle or a pill. All the hard work, loss of sleep, stress, and thought is worthwhile, even while I look at the debris littering my house in the aftermath of The Party.

Yes folks, today was the big event, the Princess Masquerade Ball. I have been cleaning house all week, and although I didn't get it as clean as I would like, at least all the public rooms in the house were straightened, vacuumed, and wiped down. Decorations were put up, cakes were baked, and party trays were assembled. By me, I might add... While caring for 3-4 kids, depending on the day and the hour. Yes, I am patting myself on the back a little bit. But hey, somebody's gotta do it, right? I'm just saving you the trouble ;)

Seriously, though, I was pleased that most of my guests dressed up and really got into the spirit of things. If only I had a ballroom, we could have really done it up nice. Can you imagine, all the skirts swishing around to the melodious chords of a string quartet as we waltzed around the room? Well, in a different time that's exactly how it was done. There was no dancing today, except when Katie and Claire did the happy dance after opening all their presents (which I had the guests deposit in a large treasure chest, in keeping with our theme). All three of the kids were happy to receive TONS of new toys. They will be entertained for weeks. My only problem: where to put it all. A problem which I am happy to have. It reminds me how blessed I am.

Well, before I really start to ramble (it's almost 1 AM and I'm getting a bit loopy), I'll let you see some more pictures :)

Thrifty spread: all the food was purchased at the Dollar Tree and Save-A-Lot.
The table cloth is a few yards of polyester fabric given to me by my neighbor,
the "silver" trays came from Dollar Tree, the vase was a Goodwill find, and the
roses came from outside.

Remember this? I didn't get the chance to shorten the rod, but I did find a
way to hang it without putting any new holes in the wall. (Instead, I nailed
a couple of small nails into the ceiling beam.)

I wanted to incorporate the pool table into the theme without using it as an
oversized banquet table. (My husband would kill me if we spilled salsa on
his felt.) Add gold tiaras, jewels, goblets, and ring pops and ta-da: instant
treasury, fit for a princess. (or two)

My son's swords and his knight shield from halloween
add a nice touch above the mantle, I thought. And don't
worry, the candle on top of the TV is electric, so we don't
have to worry about wax running down the screen.

These were hung on existing screws already drilled into the wall. Although
they were not ideally placed, they looked alright here.

The prince and his Great Aunt dressed in their finery.

Fair Claire riding her royal chariot.

The Great Aunt has been busy also on her sewing machines. She, however,
knows what she's doing and has made these beautiful wall-hangings for the
girls' room.

As usual, I gave up on taking pictures after a short effort. I'm not much for looking at life through the lens of a camera (although I love to look through pictures). There were more costumes, a few more decorations, and a lot more smiles. Perhaps tomorrow I will have more pics, stolen from other party guests. Well (**yawns**), I think I may get some rest now. Tomorrow, I'll have more housecleaning to do ;)

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