Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 11: Can Somebody Create a Distraction?

These are awesome, especially for a
long car trip.
Hello, hello. It's me again. Today has been a pretty full day. We attended a beautiful wedding, went swimming with the kids, had dinner, visited with family, and have finally settled everyone in bed. Last night, however, that last part didn't go so smoothly. We arrived at our hotel pretty late, and since the munchkins were on the verge of sleep (about three hours after their bedtime after a day in the car and very little napping) we tossed them into bed, hoping for the best. Well, that didn't quite happen... My little angels who normally drift off to dreamland around 9 PM were wide awake until almost 4 AM. And they didn't get to nap today either... So, much of the day was spent trying to create a way to distract my daughters and appease them, so that the business of the day could progress.

I pulled out every card in my deck to entertain these monkeys, from holding their hands and walking circles around the reception hall to feeding them grapes to dancing to some 80's hits to handing over my cell phone and watch so they wouldn't scream while vows were exchanged. It was exhausting. We ducked out early from the party in effort to soothe the wild beasts, managing to nap them (about 3 hours late) for about 45 minutes before they woke up and the dance began again. After telling my girls about 10 times that they couldn't have their shoes and they couldn't go outside, I had a eureka moment--my son's travel backpack. He was still at the party with his grandma, so he'd never notice, right?

Well, the girls were a bit too young for the Leapster, but the notebook and crayons were just the ticket. And get this--these crayons were designed specifically so they won't roll away when you set them down. That's right, they have a FLAT side. It blew my mind. Apparently, someone else was being creative... Well, the crayons kept the girls busy long enough for the rest of our party to return from the party, and we all changed for the pool again. We swam until the pizza arrived, and then my girls entertained themselves by eating about 6 slices of pizza each. So, perhaps they weren't just tired, but hungry too. But all's well that ends well, and my girls are laying in their play pens on their way to snoozes now, and mama has a quiet moment to share the day with you.

Have you had a day when you had to get creative to entertain your babies? Please share! Also, for more great ideas, check out The Boring Dad's blog.

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