Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 13: Improvising a Picnic

When the pizza arrived, it occurred to me that we had no plates.  Cups, yes. Plates, no. We did, however, have a Styrofoam take-out container from lunch and a hotel tray. Plates? Who needs stinkin' plates. With a towel for a picnic blanket and a green carpet for the field of grass, my kids seemed to enjoy this make-shift indoor picnic just as much as the more elaborate outdoor version. And they did pretty well, aside from a slight drink spill and a shower of discarded pepperonis all over the place. They had a little more trouble with the popcorn, but hey what I can't get cleaned up, room service will, so it's all good! And the kids are happy, so I'm happy! =)

Do you do indoor picnics with your kids? If so, what do you do to make it special for your little angels? Please share!

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