Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 14: It's No Fun Without Toys, Mom

This morning I had the same fight with my son that I've been having every other day lately: the battle to get him in the bath. After listening to his arguing and whining for a few minutes, finally I asked him why he doesn't want to take his bath, and he said, "It's no fun when there aren't toys, Mom." He thought he had me there. We've been in a hotel since Friday night, and all of our usual bath toys are at home. He forgot, however, how crafty Mom can be.

After a few minutes scrounging about the room, I located washcloths for each kid, a few plastic cups, and several mini shampoo bottles. I explained how the bottles were submarines or soldiers and the cups could be boats or used to get their hair wet, and well, the washcloths make great capes for tiny super heroes or bandages for wounded knights. It wasn't long before the long faces and whining melted into squeals of joy and a creative narrative that only a 4-year-old could come up with.

The hotel shampoo makes great bubble bath, too!