Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 18: Wood Somebody Pass Me a Match?

Okay, I admit, I did not make the tree stump ash tray, my father-in-law did, but isn't it really neat? I'm not a smoker, but even I can appreciate the simple artistry of a wooden cigar ash tray, complete with a hole for the matches and a cubby for the cigar cutter. My father-in-law is a really crafty guy, and I was pretty impressed with his creativity here. Will he change careers and start selling them at the state arts and crafts fair? Probably not. Will he enjoy stubbing out the occasional stogie with a feeling of pride as he puts this ash tray to use? You better believe it. And that's half the joy derived from crafting anyhow, the sense of accomplishment you get from a job well done. You can't buy that at Wal-Mart, no sirree. But they do sell the matches.

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