Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 20: Working So That I May Be Creative

This is a really helpful guide. Not only does
it have agent listings, but also articles about
the querying/publishing processes.
Today I have spent a few hours working, but I'm not sure how creative this particular aspect of the work is. I am doing research. Research that, if it pans out, will *hopefully* allow me to continue working creatively. A few weeks ago, I ordered the 2010 Guide to Literary Agents from Amazon. Yes, yes, I know that it is 2011 and has been for some time now, and that some of the information in the book I ordered may be outdated, but well... That edition cost nearly $30, while I got this one for about $4, including shipping. I am not a "successful" writer yet in that I have not been published or paid, so I have to operate on the "starving artist" budget. I am not discouraged by this fact. I take it as a challenge. But I digress.

The most creative thing I have done today is make dinner (leftover veggies and beef from shish-kababs over rice makes a great stir fry). But, as I have said, I have been working, and sometimes in order to be creative, you have to put in the time doing uncreative, sometimes boring, and often necessary tasks. There is no short cut that will allow one to live the creative life without also doing the work on the business side of things. (Unless you inherit a million dollars from your dear old ailing uncle Bob or something.) I can write a million pages, but if I don't take the time to understand the writing industry and work with it, I will never get a single word published. And although I am sure a few people would read it if I decided to just post my book(s) on my blog, well... I wouldn't get paid, and eventually when the kiddies are all in school I will be forced to find work that will pay. Which means less time for writing, which I have come to find that I love. So, you can see where I'm heading here.

Nothing creative to brag about today, but since the work I'm doing will enhance the probability of working creatively in the future, I submit that it is still within the spirit of the 30 Day Creativity Challenge. And no one will tell me different, so there.

To my fellow writers who may be looking for agents or editors in hopes of getting published, I stumbled upon a new resource today: Preditors and Editors. This site uses feedback from authors to rate agencies and assist authors in avoiding predatory agents. It helped me narrow down my list from 12 to 8 agencies to query. *Fingers Crossed* Wish me luck!

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