Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 21: Pillowcases for the Princesses

I have had these pillows for a long time (a little over 2 years), and have been meaning to make pillowcases for them so that they can go in the girls' beds. The twins are getting old enough now that they can have pillows, and these are small and fairly flat, so they ought to be to scale for my tiny tots. In fact, the girls used them in their play pens when we went on vacation. I can't say that they always rested their heads on the pillows, but they did seem to like snuggling up to them.

So today I went through my fabric stash and found the perfect pillowcase fabric: a pink muslin with white polka dots. The girls' room is decorated with pink and brown, and will one day have 2 pink walls (the paint is purchased, it's just hard to find a time to paint the girls' room because they best times for me are when they are asleep.... you can see my problem) to offset the two dark wood paneled walls. The girls have bedding that includes pink sheets with white polka dots, and brown, pink, and white striped bed-skirts and comforters, so you can see why I chose this particular fabric for the pillow cases.

The pillows in question and my pink polka-dot muslin.

I started by folding the fabric in half and measuring for my pillow case. Don't
forget to leave a little room for your seam allowances. I left a few inches on the
open side so I could fold it over and finish the edge a little nicer.

After serging the open side so I wouldn't have a raw edge, I folded it over
about an inch and stitched with my sewing machine. If you measure and iron
your folds, this will probably come out neater, but I skipped those steps for
time. (Nap time only lasts so long)

I lined up my two open edges and serged down the sides with right sides of
my fabric together. I also serged along the fold because my pillow case was
a bit too long. 

Once complete, simply turn the pillow case right side out and slip in a pillow.
This is one of the simplest projects you can do.

If you want a more decorative pillow case, you can patch the fabric together first or add appliques or beading around the edge. These are for 2-year-olds in their bed, so beads aren't really appropriate, but if you are recovering a decorative pillow and you want something more elaborate, get creative. You can also sew up the open end once you have inserted the pillow, but I left mine open for easier cleaning. 

Try this out for yourself and post pictures of your finished pillowcases on The Cardboard Crafter Facebook Page. For that matter, share pictures of anything crafty you've done lately! 


  1. When I was younger, someone tried to teach me how to sew, but I could only ever get the hang of sewing buttons back on. So I'm always amazed by people who can sew, especially since its starting to become one of those lost skills that lots of people used to have, and now only a few people can do. Let me know if you ever decide to hang out a shingle and start tailoring :)

  2. Well, on a project like this, the machine does most of the work :) Honestly, my sewing skills are pretty basic, but they do come in handy for hemming pants (4'9"--I hem almost every pair I buy) and costume making!