Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 28: Mom, I Want a Haircut Too!

This is the after shot. I thought I did alright... Dad hasn't given
his opinion, but I'm hoping he likes it!

The day before yesterday, I think my heart skipped a beat in shock when my husband suggested it was time for me to cut the twins' hair. I had only been telling him for months that this needed to be done... The girls had mini girl mullets, and all they needed were a couple long ringlets to be cut off to make their hair even and thicker-looking. So when I got over the shock, I went ahead and cut the girls' hair (before he could change his mind).

Well, big brother got it in his head that he needed a haircut too. He has asked me probably ten times a day since then when he can get his hair cut. After I told him we couldn't take him to the barber this week, he said, "Well, Mommy, then YOU do it!" I have cut his hair before. It has never turned out perfect, however, and his dad frowns upon that sort of thing. Well.... I tried to resist... but, not that hard.

So, when the girls went down for their nap today, I rounded up my supplies: Dad's trimmer with guards #4  and #7, scissors, chair, towel, and clip to hold the towel closed, and I met my son on the back porch. Now, usually, I do the whole haircut with just the scissors because I like it kind of long on top, but this time I was trying to mimic what the stylist did the last time we took him out to get his hair cut. I used the trimmer for the whole thing, except where it was really long and thick on top and the trimmer was getting bogged down, I cut it with the scissors first and then went back and cleaned it up with the trimmer.

It turned out a lot smoother than normal, although a bit shorter than I prefer. It is summer though, so that's okay. And the kid likes it, and that's the most important thing. And mommy got to exercise her creativity in a way that made my kid happy AND saved 15 to 20 bucks! Can't beat that, in my opinion.

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