Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3: T-Shirt Fun

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved getting mail. I didn't get a letter or a card very often, and it was even more rare for me to get a package, but every time I was ecstatic to find something in the mailbox with my name on it. As I grew older and came to realize that mail = bills, my enthusiasm waned. Recently, however, I have experienced a resurgence of my childhood love of mail, and i have an idea why: eBay.

As I've recently mentioned, I purchased some $1 T-shirts from the Dollar Tree and ordered patches online. I also ordered some iron-on transfers, and have been patiently awaiting their arrival. (Read: checking the mail four times a day...) Yesterday, I got the first package for the Transformers shirt I was planning, and the second arrived today. So, obviously I had to jump right in and get this party started...

This one came from Hong Kong, I believe.

Autobots! ($1.36)

This package arrived from Singapore. Is there anything more exciting than
international mail?

Bumblebee. This guys is a little smaller than I pictured, but he'll do. ($1.20)

We tried a few different arrangements of the iron-on transfers, but this is
what the kid liked best. And, well, since it is his shirt that's what we went with.

Hot iron! These were a little more difficult than the iron on patches (perhaps
because the directions were written in Chinese?)

The finished product.

And of course he wanted to wear it right away! Total cost: $3.62 (with taxes). Can't beat that.

Have you tried this project yet? If so, post a picture on my Facebook page!

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