Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 5: To Infinity, and Beyond!

The new Buzz Lightyear patch (and international mailing
package) on top of the blue shirt, pre-ironing.
Our last patch arrived in the mail today (this one from China), and I affixed it to the last Dollar Tree T-shirt. This was probably the simplest of all four of his T-shirts as I didn't paint any emblems, sew any fabric, or have to peel any iron-on transfers. Only one patch attached in the center of his chest, easy-peasy. Oh, I could have sewn on a rocket ship made of scrap material from the silver dress, painted one of the other toys on with acrylic paint and a contact paper stencil, ironed my kid's name on with iron on transfer letters, made motion lines with fabric paint, etc. The possibilities are endless, to Infinity and Beyond, as Buzz Lightyear puts it. I decided, however, to keep this one simple for several reasons. First of all, this T-shirt was imperfect anyhow with a fade mark down the front, so I didn't want to invest a lot of time or money into something that couldn't look really sharp. Secondly, I haven't washed any of my kid's T-shirts yet (yes, yes, I know... it's been at least a week since he wore the black T-shirt. There's a serious backlog of laundry in my house.), so I'm not sure how well they are going to hold up in the wash. I tested several techniques on these four shirts and I think we'll wash them a few times this summer before I start assembling the materials to make more for the coming school year. I want to make sure these won't fall apart or fade and look bad, after all, starting school is hard enough even when you don't have weird clothes, and my kid will be starting school this year. **tears**

I want to try to build up a decent wardrobe for him over the summer via thrift shopping, DIY fashion, and clearance purchases so that when school starts we aren't spending a huge amount all at once. It's hard on a kid when you only get new clothes once a year, especially when those growth spurts hit, so we're trying to go thrifty. He has everything he needs to dress like a pirate, a cowboy, a knight, or a prince, but we need to work on his kindergartener costume, so that's the plan!

This will be fine for play clothes, and my son LOVES shirts with "badges"
on them, but the fade marks are visible all the way down the front. I knew
this shirt was faded when I bought it, but figured for a dollar it was still well
worth the price.

What thrifty tricks do you use to expand your children's wardrobe? What's your favorite way to personalize clothing for yourself or your kids? Share with us :)

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