Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 7: A Big Fat Nothing

Okay, I wouldn't say that I've don't NOTHING creative today (I have continued to work on Kellie and Mowbry's story), but what I had planned to write about didn't really happen, or at least not as it should. I was going to write about my creative project of dying my hair. Now, stay with me on this, I know that it may not sound like a creative project at first, but I submit that it is. People these days put a lot of effort and time into personalizing their bodies, clothes, hair, nails, whatever to express their individuality. I'm not a person who believes that how you look is your ultimate expression of individuality, I think that one should be creative in life and individual in one's actions, but I do believe that personal appearance can be a creative project.

I don't have tattoos or facial piercings, I don't spend hours on my make-up, and I rarely follow fashion in my wardrobe choice, but I do like to change my hair periodically. I get bored with always looking at the same thing in the mirror and I long for change. So when I saw hair dye for sale for only $2.99 at Ollies, I bought the brightest, orangest dye color I could find. I believe the box said "Light Auburn". My secret desire (besides being a singer in a rock band) has always been to be a redhead. Okay, maybe this one wasn't so secret. (I have been known to say that men are attracted to shiny bright objects like blonds or redheads...)

Anyhow, I went into this with realistic expectations. I wasn't expecting my hair to look like the girl on the front of the box. I know with my dark brown locks that it's just not gonna happen that way. But I expected SOME sort of change. I even left the dye on an extra 10 minutes, knowing that it might take a little extra to get the job done. Well, as you've probably guessed by now, the job didn't get done; my hair is still brown. It's soft and smooth, but that could have as much to do with the cup of conditioner I soaked my hair in for 5 minutes after dying it as with anything else. Who knows, maybe in the sunlight it might look a little brighter, but under incandescent light bulbs, I cannot tell a difference.

So, to sum up, my creative project for the day ended up as a total flop. But it could have been worse. My hair could have turned green or melted off or the ultimate tragedy... It could have turned blond! Ha ha, just kidding, I can't resist the blond jokes. And although tonight's efforts may have been an exercise in futility, it won't stop me from trying again! (As soon as I find another sale on hair dye!)

Wanna see what my hair looks like? Check out the photo on my Facebook page.


  1. oh bummer...you are brave! I am a wimp at trying hair color!

  2. Well, I figure it will always grow back... and I've had really short hair before and liked it, so there's always the option of cutting it off if re-dying doesn't work! I have also permed it before. I LOVE to change my hair! :)