Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 8: Creative Packing?

Each suitcase has a list of what it is missing at this point. Hopefully, the list
will grow smaller tomorrow.

Okay, I know it's not the most creative task, but aside from the usual (cooking, cleaning, child care) and some visits from friends, I really kind of fell flat on the creativity today. I have been getting ready for an upcoming family trip, which will be our first family vacation since any of the kids were born, so it's pretty exciting... and a little stressful. The sheer volume of things we will need for the kids is somewhat mind boggling. I'm hopimg that our car will hold four suit cases, a garment bag, two strollers, two pack 'n plays, and a golf bag, as well as several other various and sundry items, but I'm really not sure. And bad news, Dad, if it won't all fit, guess what the first item on the chopping block will be? That's right, your suitcase, because I know you won't be leaving your clubs behind! Just kidding, folks... I know it would be my suitcase... Okay, so I'm a little loopy tonight, but it's been a long day. (5 loads of laundry, 3 meals, 2 guests, 1 giant bin of garbage taken to the curb...) And so much left on the to-do list! But you've been there, and survived it, right? So I should be able to handle this. **psyching self up** Okay, I promise I'm not on anything. But I may be on something tomorrow--caffeine! If I do the packing right, it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the trip. And that's where the creativity comes in. I have to come up with the best clothing combinations, suit case choices, play tetris with the trunk packing, etc. Although not glamorous, these choices can be made creatively to make better use of limited resources--namely space! So, that's it for today. Tomorrow I will be hemming my husband's pants, and the next day, who knows!

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