Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrating the 4th With Patriotic T-Shirts

This is what we started with, a $1 shirt from Dollar Tree. I was hoping to find
a red shirt, but this is what they had, and since I didn't want to spend $4 on
this project, I took what I could find :)

After raiding the fabric stash, we chose this white fabric, blue with stars, and
a red with stars (not pictured). My kid and I decided we wanted to make an
American Flag shirt for the holiday.

This is a project we did together, although I did all the cutting and sewing,
my son painted the red stripes himself. Working together on a project like
this is a good time to talk to the kids about history and the reason we celebrate
Independence Day every July 4.

We used acrylic paint because it dries fast, doesn't wash
out of fabric after it has dried, and is easy to use. Also,
it's what I had. Make sure you let the paint dry well before
playing with your fabric or sewing.

After trying a few configurations, we chose this one and pinned the fabric
in place. (I didn't wait for the paint to dry, and some of the red bled through
the blue fabric.)

I put a fancy silver thread in my sewing machine (I left regular thread in the b
bobbin), and went to town, sewing curlicues and loops, finally going around
all the edges for a quilted look.

He likes the shirt (but not as much as that doughnut).

I bought a t-shirt for me, too, but decided to leave it plain.
I did, however, find some red and white striped fabric in my
stash and made this little tennis skirt. The band is a navy blue
and white knit and the tie came from a pair of shorts that really
didn't need a tie.

Happy Independence Day! And try not to be blinded by
my shiny white legs, lol. You'll need your eyes for watching
fireworks later!!!

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