Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrating 5,000 Pageviews (With a Giveaway!)

I've been watching the numbers obsessively, but frankly I was surprised at how quickly we hit this milestone. 5,000 pageviews. The humble side of me acknowledges that a lot of these are from people doing Google image searches, one time hits to the blog, and bored bloggers hitting the "next blog" button at the top of the screen, but the proud mama to this baby blog knows that I've had a pretty steady readership from my devoted followers (you) that has been driving the numbers. I want to thank you all for coming back day after day, for commenting and sharing, and for making this blog an interactive venture through a giveaway. "Well, come on, get to the point, what are you giving away," you may be asking... Well, okay, I'll get to it:

In response to your feedback, I've decided to give you a choice: the randomly selected winner will receiver his/her choice of either a 

Pillow case dress for your baby :)


T-Shirt dress for yourself!

After the winner is selected, I will contact you for your measurements, and I will photograph the progress and post it on the blog before I send it off to you :)

How will the winner be selected,  you may be asking... Well, to enter, first "Like" the Cardboard Crafter Facebook Page and then do the following:

1. Choose your favorite Cardboard Crafter Post and share the link on your Facebook. (I think you are all on Facebook... if any of you are not, comment on this post and let me know!)
2. Leave a comment on the Cardboard Crafter Facebook page telling me which post you shared and why that is your favorite.

Giveaway ends tomorrow night (July 13) at 11:59 PM. At that point, I will randomly select (Eeny-Meany-Miney-Mo....) a winner and announce it on the blog. You'll need to contact me letting me know which prize you would like :) and we'll go from there.

I'm going to try to use one of those random number generator thingys that all the cool blogs are using for their giveaways (if I can figure it out), or go low-tech and put your names in a hat. Basically, I'll try to be as random/fair as I can. Good luck all!


  1. Sounds great! But, is it possible to extend the deadline a wee bit? Pretty please? I'll try to pass the word around. :)


  2. So far, I've only had one person (since last I checked) post on my FB page, thus entering herself in the giveaway. If I don't get a few more tomorrow, I probably will extend. I'll let you know! :)