Sunday, July 31, 2011

Entropy: 1,342,733. Me: 1

Hatbox: $9.99 (50% off with A.C. Moore Coupon)
Photo/Shoe boxes: 2 for $5.00
Organization in my girls' room: Priceless
Organization is a beautiful thing, but a thing that doesn't often manifest itself here. I try to be organized, I label boxes and designate drawers and shelves for particular items, but alas, it sometimes feels like none of my kids (or my husband) ever read the labels. Yeah, yeah, I know, the kids can't read and the husband works long days to keep us in diapers and Pop-tarts, but still, sometimes I feel like the lone fighter in a war against Entropy, the universe's relentless tendency toward chaos. (Yes, physics nerds, I realize that's an oversimplification of the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics. Let's chalk it up to artistic license and move on.)

Anyhow, my point is, that any time I can make a dent in the disorganization that is closing in around me, I feel like I've won a major victory in the never-ending battle to keep my world civilized. Today was such a day. I have been eyeing hatboxes and other rigid, colorful, cardboard storage boxes that I have come across on my occasional sojourns to the craft store. It occurred to me that these would be a great way to hide some of the necessary items in my daughters' room and yet keep the space feminine and uncluttered. (A kids room, uncluttered? A girl can dream, right?) Today, I made that happen.

Pictured above are the boxes I came home with. The theme for the room is "Fairytale Forest" and the colors are pink and brown. I did not find quite the right print on this hatbox (it is travel themed), but at least the colors are right. (Maybe a potential Mod Podge project later?) The photo boxes are chocolate brown, so they were perfect. Below you see the area of the room most in need of organization.

Diapers, baby wipes, hair bows, shoes, lotion, air freshener, and various other
items cluttered the top of the dresser. I put a stop to that.
Claire helped by gathering up all the pacifiers she could find. I think she only
has six here.

Katie supervised from the back of her noble steed, the rocking elephant.
Diapers, wipes and cream went into the large hatbox. This was the largest
box they had, but if they had had one bigger, I would have come home with
it. This is about a day's worth of diapers for my twins.

I wasn't able to fit everything in my new boxes, but all the shoes are confined
to the brown boxes, and diapers and wipes in the hatbox. At least the pink
bin matches.

Do you see the clutter already encroaching on this shining bastion of order?
Also, observe the pink butterflies on our second-hand dresser. I did that meself.
Katie wanted to show you this end, too.

See? I think the butterflies look better on the white-painted
dresser than the planets and spaceships do on my son's.
Other projects for this room: paint on the walls (the pink I have purchased, the chocolate brown for the silhouetted trees I have not.), fix the curtains, add accessories. Also, clean it up and deal with the laundry mountain (not pictured) looming on the other side of the room. I've never had a "nursery" for any of my kids, so on some level I think I am decorating the girls' room more to fulfill my own desire, but I think as they get a little older and more aware of these things, they will love it too. If it ever gets done. But like I said last night, baby steps.

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  1. You are in my brain with this post. I think we are all overwhelmed with clutter. I love what you did to the dresser. Painting furniture is overwhelming to me. Great job!