Sunday, July 31, 2011

So I Pulled a Reverse-Scarlett O'Hara...

I have always loved getting hand-me-down clothing, and being the shortest girl in the class always made me a prime candidate to receive secondhand garments when I was in school. Now, as an adult, I'm still the shortest girl in the family, and I still get all the cast-offs. But ever since I've entered the Blogosphere, I've come across so many DIY ideas and clothing alteration tutorials that I've become (pretty near) fearless with my sewing machine, so I have come to see all kinds of new potential in these throw-away garments that I never would have seen before. Like this, for instance:
 Some of them fit, some do not. This skirt definitely
did not. But the fabric had a colorful blue and brown
pattern that gave me an idea.

It was a size 22. Plenty of fabric to use for the project I had in mind: a
new bathroom curtain.

 I did not make a tutorial because curtains are pretty simple and there are tons of curtain tutorials available to anyone with an Internet connection who can spell Google. Or goggle... The computer knows what you mean. Anyhow, I'll sum up:

I cut off the elastic and serged the top edge. This skirt had two layers, and I
decided to keep them both. I finished the edges and sewed a channel for the
curtain rod to go through.

These are the colors in my bathroom: blue and brown. When we moved in
the walls were white and the floor was covered in blue carpet. I think we've
 improved the room already with the clearance wall paint and dollar store
floor tiles. That's right, Mama knows how to stretch a dollar :)

But this little guy had to go. The blinds are awesome, but
the little valance doesn't quite work... I mean, I like brown and
gold leopard print with blue patches as much as the next guy,
but this thing is pretty sorry looking.

And here is the finished product. It still could maybe use
something, but I think it's a definite improvement over what
we had. Baby steps, my friends.
I'm thinking of possibly gathering the fabric in a faux Roman shade or something. Maybe I'll add a band of brown or some beaded fringe. Or a ribbon. I'm not sure yet. But for now, I'll leave it up as is. Honestly, folks, I doubt I'll ever buy curtains again.

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  1. Nice work!! I read these backwards so I spoiled the ending for myself.