Monday, July 11, 2011

New Dresses!

I had to sit the girls down on the picnic table to keep them
from running off long enough to get a photo!
These dresses were made from a shirred top and fabric scraps, or rather one was made from a shirred top, and the other was made from fabric scraps (with one of those scraps being the leftover piece of the shirred top from the other dress). The top was given to me in a bag of hand me down clothes (or treasure, as I call it), but when I put it on, well... let's just say that it looked like a maternity top. Since that isn't a look that I'm really going for, I decided I'd remake the shirt into a snazzy sundress for one of my girls. Well, I can't make a dress for one and not the other, so I took the leftover piece that I cut off to make the first dress small enough and a bunch of other fabric scraps from my stash and ran them through the sewing machine willy-nilly (okay, I had a plan... a very loose, fly by the seat of my pants kind of plan, but a plan nonetheless...). When I ended up with looked more like a skirt than a dress, and I have it cinched with a belt in this picture, but it actually looked kind of cute (sans belt) in a very hippie/bohemian sort of way. When the girls put them on this morning, both said, "Princess!!" I'd say the style is more like a maxi dress than a princess dress, but I'll take that as a compliment. And there's nothing like a compliment from a two year old, because you know they will let you know when they are dissatisfied!

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