Monday, July 11, 2011

Somebody Call the Moving Van, Barbie's Got a New House!

"I'm just setting it up, Mom!"
My niece and I took about two hours today and built this dollhouse for her birthday from the box an exercise bike came in. It's a four storey structure with three windows and a door, designed by Miss Priss. Too bad she had to leave before she got a chance to play with it! But don't worry, the paint was just about dry when my son decided he could set it up for his cousin so it would be waiting for her next visit.  :) Who knows, maybe the GI Joes will be over later for the house warming party! (No sooner had I typed that, then my son asked if he could bring his GI Joes in.)

Hopefully on her next visit we can begin painting or wall papering the walls, finishing the floors, adding curtains, and installing furniture. The house does already have Barbie's bed and dresser, so it's a start. Barbie can rough it for a while until we get things finished. And if she get's hungry, she can visit the Joes and have some tea and then wash her hands in their sink. If nature calls, though, she's on her own. We still haven't come up with a toilet to scale... Sorry, Joes, you'll have to keep going outside. And now that you've got some neighbors, you'll have to be even more careful lest you put on a show!

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