Friday, July 1, 2011

Topping it Off: Sewing a Pink Top for my Girlie

Last night, after finishing a pair of pink capris for my daughter I was so amped up I decided to go ahead and make a matching top to complete the ensemble. Using Aesthetic Nest's pillowcase dresses as inspiration, I got to work with some fabric scraps donated by one of my benefactors.

I chose a piece of fabric with a pink floral print. This is a left over piece from
a quilt, I believe. Since this is going to be gathered at the neck, you want to
chose a piece that is about 2-3 times as wide as your kid.

I folded my two layers of fabric and cut out some dips for the arm holes.

After sewing my side seams together, I serged all the raw edges.

A view of the serged arm holes and the top. Notice that the fabric is only
connected at the side seams, not across the shoulders.

Fold the arm holes under and stitch to finish. Also hem the bottom of your

Next I made a channel for the ribbon tie. I folded the front and back neckline
down about an inch and pinned then stitched it down with my machine.

This is what the shirt looks like at this point, inside out.

I took a leftover scrap of the shorts fabric and made the ribbon by folding
a rectangle in half with the fold along the long side and sewed a tube.
I turned this piece inside out and pinned for top-stitching, angling the ends.
I did not measure, but I would guess this is about 36 inches by 4 inches.

Affix a safety pin to the end of the ribbon (you may want to fold this several
times to make it skinnier) and thread through the channel at the neckline.

Continue through the other channel. The ribbon will serve as the shoulders
for this top.

This is the finished top and shorts. I tied the loose ends of the ribbon in
a square knot. If your ribbon is longer and/or skinnier, you may be able
to tie yours in a bow.

This morning we tried it on. I must say, it is super cute
and she loves it!

However, I think it does need one modification. The shirt
is a little short, so I plan to sew a ruffle or a band of pink
fabric on the bottom to lengthen it. That can wait until
nap time.

Now that I know my shorts pattern works and I have successfully completed a matching top, I will make an outfit for my other daughter. I have some ideas about how to jazz it up a bit, too, so maybe I'll go crazy and make a couple more outfits. Also, now my son wants me to make him some clothes. Time to get busy!

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