Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trading in the Flip Flops for High Heels

Well, guys, it looks like I'll be trading in my sweats and flip flops for pencil skirts and high heels. That's right, I'm about to join the ranks of the employed. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this new part of my life. I am excited to be starting something new (and also looking forward to a paycheck!), but a little sad that I'll be away from the kids for so many hours during the week. And to be honest, sad to be missing those precious nap time hours I've spent sewing and crafting. Although, this is also another opportunity to get creative... in building up a work wardrobe!

It's been a while since I've worked, and even though I did have a decent wardrobe for my last job, for some reason most of my pants from that era no longer seem to button... I guess they shrunk in the wash or something. Hush, I said they shrunk! Anyhow, I did get some goodies at my local Goodwill yesterday, including several cute tops (one from B.Moss that still had the original tags!), a Petite Sophisticate suit, a nice pair of slacks, and a cummerbund. That's right, a cummerbund. It'll make a cute belt, methinks. 

I'll need to shorten the pants, of course, and I think I'll sew the pockets shut (they gap). Any additional sewing projects I have that add to my work wardrobe I'll be sure to post. Also, I have a few dollhouse projects on the back burner, waiting as I gather supplies. I need a new hot glue gun, that's a big stumbling block for working with cardboard. Maybe now that I'll be leaving the house daily it will be easier to pick something like that up on my way home from work? I am thinking that this work thing will be positive for me and my family, although it may cause some delays with my writing projects. We'll see. 

The point is, folks, I'm anticipating some changes in my life, and they may cause changes in the direction of this blog. I will make time for creative projects (I have to or I'll go crazy), they just may be different in nature or fewer and farther between. We'll see. But hey, we'll face these changes together, right? And that's what's important, going forward in life with the people who love and support you. I'm so thankful for my family, and I just want to do right for them. That's why I'm going to work, that's who I'm truly working for. Thank you all for your support!

(And yes, I have had a celebratory drink or two... but don't worry, not enough to be hung over in the morning! XO)

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