Monday, August 22, 2011

...and a Bottle of Rum

When planning the pirate party, I wracked my brain for piratey foods to serve, wanting to keep everything within the theme. Fish? Rum and Hardtack? Nothing that I could think of that pirates might eat seemed appropriate for our backyard pirate party, so I opted to just go with hot dogs and burgers. (And goldfish crackers :) But that didn't meant that things couldn't LOOK piratey.

I found some planters in my backyard that looked like barrels, so I cleaned those out and lined them with plastic before filling them with ice and reasonably-priced diet beverages. And then I had my big idea: we needed a keg of "rum."

On-the-ball mom that I am, I still hadn't returned my father-in-law's 5 gallon drink cooler that I borrowed for our yard sale/lemonade stand three weeks ago. It was roughly keg-shaped. All it needed was a bit of a face-lift. I formulated my plan, and executed it as follows:

This is the cooler I started with. It's shaped pretty much like a barrel.

These are the tools you will need to transform your cooler into a Rum keg:
brown wrapping paper (Dollar Tree, $1), scissors, sharpie (black or brown),
packing tape, duct tape.

Measure your paper so that it covers your "barrel" but does not cover the
top. (You'll need to be able to remove that to add your punch later.) Tape
the paper to your barrel with packing tape, and tape along the seam vertically.

Draw vertical stripes for the seams between wooden slats on the barrel. Next,
tape around the top and bottom with packing tape so that the paper is snug.

Tear a long strip of duct tape to make the bands for your barrel. One strip
split lengthwise will make both bands. I used my sharpie to "stencil" the
word RUM on my barrel, which was a nice touch.
I rushed through this project, as you can probably tell by my crooked lines and skewed barrel bands, but even so, I thought this was a good way to add some authenticity to the pirate party. And this brown paper is awesome. I used it for all kinds of things, including maps and other piratey documents. (You will see later.)

Punch Recipe:

2 2-liters of "Tropical" clear soda
1 2-liter of Orange soda
1 2-liter of lemonade soda
1 container of orange-vanilla sherbet.

Mix all in cooler right before party. Adjust amounts to taste. Enjoy! (And for the all-adult after party, add rum!)


  1. What a clever mind! I may have to pillage this idea for camping pirate weekend at TRF! Love it!


  2. This inspired me for my baby's costume. We are a family of pirates this year and she is the rum barrel. :)