Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bathroom Renovation, 1/6 Scale

The place: GI Joe house
The job: Bathroom renovation
The materials: Tiny shoe box, serger thread spool, white nail polish

As you may recall, the GI Joes have been roughing it for a while. We did get a sink installed in the bathroom and kitchen, but the Joes have been running for the bushes any time nature called. Well, no more. I'm proud to announce that the Joes not only have a toilet now, but a bath tub. (No shower faucet or curtain yet, but baby steps, my friend.) See below:

This is what we started with. The bathroom was hastily
put together, and it's obvious by the way the wallpaper
gaps, but it's better than nothing.

This little shoe box happened to be the perfect width to fit in this spot. We
cut the end off to make it short enough and taped it into place. (I'd recommend
hot glue, but the tape was more expedient at the time.)

I used the scrap end of the shoe box for the toilet: I cut it in two, cut a hole
 in the center,and mounted it on a plastic serger spool. I used white nail
polish to paint it, which gave it a nice "porcelain" look. The handle is made
from a hook from a hook and eye clasp.  

And while we were crafting, I made Rick some pants. He's
much happier now, although I bet he wishes I had had enough
nail polish to paint his tub to match. Maybe I'll do that with
white acrylic and mod podge. We'll see.
This addition didn't take any specialized equipment or skill, just a lucky hunk of cardboard, and now the Joes house is a lot more livable. And my kid approves, which is the most important thing. (Now all I need to do is find another shoe box for my niece's dollhouse... Barbie will need a bath and a potty too, methinks.) 

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