Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quick Craft: Pirate Pennant

I was asked to make a flag out of this fabric to adorn my husband's uncle's
scooter so that the world can know he's a rebel. Or something. Whatever,
it's cool fabric, and best of all, I get to keep all the extra!

The flag was supposed to be a fat triangle, so I folded the fabric both directions
so that it was four layers thick and cut a skinny triangle out. This is what it
looked like when I unfolded it.

I serged the bottom edge because I will have an opening down there for the
flag-pole pocket. Then I folded the fabric (once), right sides together, and
sewed along the edges, leaving about an inch open at the bottom edge.

Now comes the tedious part. I turned the flag right-side out by pulling it through
the small opening at the bottom. It took a few minutes, but I got the job done.

I pinned the edges flat so that I could top-stitch them. This helps the flag
to retain its shape. I stitched two rows along the edges, and then a vertical
row to form the channel into which the flag pole will be inserted.

This was the finished product (and my toes). It fits the parameters I was given,
so hopefully he'll like it! Now... what to do with the rest of the fabric? There's
the challenge :)

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