Friday, August 26, 2011

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

This has been a really long week for me. With last weekend's festivities and getting ready for the pirate party, I didn't take much time to relax and recharge my batteries from last week. So when I got done with work today, I needed a few minutes to mentally transition from work mode to home mode. I decided to stop by my neighborhood Goodwill store for a little shopping. 

I thought perhaps I would find some ballet flats or wedge heeled shoes for work, or maybe a cardigan. I have been keeping my eye out for some cheap shoes that I can wear with my work clothes but are still comfortable for running laps back and forth between my desk and the copy machine. No dice. However, I did find a few other things that caught my interest: loads of doll furniture. 

I got this stuff for my niece's dollhouse. My son already has a couch, but
this flowery couch and loveseat set will go nicely in my girly-girl's dollhouse.
Also the vanity and this baby bed. (I can't see the Joes needing these.)

These are for my son. I'm thinking of painting the car black, but we'll see. We
may also see what we can do about changing the color of the china cabinet,
although he doesn't seem to be bothered by the pink (yet). I also picked up a
few more dolls for my boy. This Ken doll (whom Eli has named Brandon) needs
some clothes, but is in otherwise great shape. This Barbie (Brooke now) is one
of the ones whose arms and legs are jointed almost like the GI Joes, and she came
with jeans and a shirt. The other Barbie is purple... I thought she might make a good
superhero or something.  

It's a good start for the living room. The "coffee table" needs some work,
and we need to get the wall paper and flooring done.

We need a stool for the vanity, but I think it goes pretty well with the rest
of the bedroom.

This piece was actually a music box. I love it when I can repurpose something
like this. I think it's just about perfect, although maybe for a smaller baby.

Setting up his house. It may be time to renovate again...
The Joes are running out of room.

I also found these today. They are the perfect scale for a Barbie/GI Joe
fish tank. I got one for each dollhouse. Pink for my niece, green for my son.
Hope she likes it as much as he does!

I've been scouring eBay for doll furniture and accessories ever since the GI Joe house was first built, but haven't found anything priced low enough that I was willing to spend my money on it. Guess how much this stuff cost? Except for the fish tank ($1.50), the most expensive thing was the car ($1.00). The rest was $0.50 or less. I think I really scored on this stuff today. I think that my kid was as excited as I was (I hope), and hopefully my girly-girl niece will be pleased as well. I know Barbie and Joe are living more comfortably after today.


  1. Leave the car pink! Fight tradition and teach Eli that color doesn't matter. Pink and blue were/are a marketing campaign. And yes, it's my women's studies class from this summer and the vodka talking but this is important! Leave the car pink! It's a teaching tool. :)

  2. Brooke and Brandon lol how cute. Speaking of dollhouse furniture.....whatever happened to the how to book on making one? I always thought that was a cool idea.