Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dollhouse Furniture Improv

You never know where you'll find something that will be perfect for your dollhouse. Key chains, small toys, food wrappers, candy dispensers.... That's right, candy dispensers. Today as we strolled along the aisles at the local Foodland, what did mine eyes happen to land upon, but a candy display... Suckers, gum, gummy worms, and sour apple toilet candy. That's right, you didn't misread.

Sour power! Two plunger suckers that dip into sour power stored inside the
toilet bowl. This was one of those situations where I bought this for my kid,
but it was really for me ;)

This is not the right scale for the GI Joes (1/6), but will work for my other
dollhouses (1/12).

Appropriately, my son shared his candy with his potty-mouthed daddy.
(Sorry, Dear, the pun was too tempting...)

The deal was I would buy the candy for my kid to eat if I got the toilet when
he was done with it. So, as promised, he handed it over. I peeled off all the
stickers, and voila! Lime green toilet for my dollhouse.

If only we had found one a little bigger, it would have matched the green
and white polka dot sink in the GI Joe house.
I have plans to build another 1/12 scale dollhouse (strictly for my own pleasure), and I think this will be a nice piece for it. I wonder if I should try to paint it white? Perhaps white spray paint, or the good ol' white nail polish again? We'll see. Just another project on the back burner, but someday my friends I will tackle it.


  1. Or you could do your dollhouse in a 70's theme and just keep it green... ;) I am not sure I could buy my kids a toilet sucker...hahaha

  2. Well, I’ll be.....!! I 💕 it!!