Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dragonflies in Pink

Happy little dragonfly on the happy little wall :)
The plan was that I would decorate my girls' room in a "Fairytale Forest" theme. So far, it's all bugs and flowers, but I figure even a fairly forest has bugs in it, right? (I know around here, any time you step off the porch the mosquitoes start swarming, one doesn't even have to venture into the forest.)

Speaking of bugs, I found this super cute knick-knack shelf today at a secondhand shop, and I couldn't pass it up. And get this--it was only $3! I don't know if the girls are really old enough to appreciate a "theme" but they did seem to love this piece as much as I did (read: they kept trying to play with it as we walked around the store), so it eases the guilt a little about spending cash on non-essentials.

And sometimes I fear that although I'm decorating their room, I'm doing it mostly for me. Having items that I know they love too in the room also assuages that guilt. Yeah, I guess I'm just a bundle of guilt, but that's motherhood, I guess.

If I stop to think about it, I always worry if I'm doing things right... is this the right food to make my kids healthy? does the educational value of this TV show outweigh the fact that it's a sedentary occupation? do I listen enough to my kids? am I too tough on them? There are always questions. But looking up and seeing this little guy smiling down at me helps me to take a breath and realize that everything is going to be okay. And seeing my tiny girls laughing and smiling up at their new silly bug is priceless. So, yeah. Good purchase.


  1. I think we worry about them before they're even born! Such a cute little bug...your little bugs are lucky to have such a caring mommy in you!

  2. Great find! It's so cute! Glad the girls like it, too. I want to do a theme in our daughter's room, but she's not having that. She wants her room HER way. Guess I'll have to decorate my own room. ;)