Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bride of Frankenstein Bridal Shower

It occurs to me, I got pictures of just about everything except the bride-to-be. Hopefully, she'll forgive me. I can't really take credit for this party, because I'd say at least 75% of it was done by the bride's mother and sister, but as the Shake 'N' Bake girl used to say, "I hay-elped." One of my favorite touches was the witches' hat cookies, a la Rachel. Easy peasy, and high-impact for low cost and time spent. My favorite type of project. Check out the pictures that I did take below:

My witches' hat cookies above.


  1. Sometimes, I look at the stuff you've created and think "Damn. That's my sister."


  2. We are sitting here planning a Dalek costume for Dave, although we are not having a Halloween party and probably not attending one... But the costume voice changer we are playing with makes the perfect Dalek voice, so it's like we have to, right? I wish I had more time and $$$! We could make an awesome Dalek costume.