Saturday, October 1, 2011

Table Rounds: Check!!!

A few weeks ago I posted a preview of my crafting plan for the weekend. It was my intention to spend the three day weekend I had ahead of me being very productive, starting with sewing some table rounds for my best friend's upcoming wedding. Fate intervened, however, and I was unable to work on the project when I had intended. Serves me right for making plans, huh?

Anyhow, I finally did it. It took me about a month, but I can finally check this off the To-Do list. And the bride-to-be can check it off her list too. Here's how I did it:

For uniformity, I decided to make a cardboard pattern to trace around. I
used a piece of yarn, a large needle, and a marker to make the circle, measuring
in 10 inches from the side and up 10 inches from the bottom to find the
middle of my 20 inch circle. 

I tied the string around the marker and anchored it in the center with the needle,
making a makeshift compass with which to draw the circle.


I couldn't find my box-cutters, so I used these Fiskars shears to cut the
cardboard pattern out.

Here's the fabric. I believe she ordered it from As I recall, it was
7 yards by 54 inches, or something like that. I did the math months ago when
we first discussed this project.

I traced around the cardboard circle with a non-permanent marker on the
back side of the fabric. I could fit two circles wide on here.

And cut. I cut out 20 of these bad boys. These scissors, which don't have
handles that loop around my fingers, were much more comfortable for cutting
so much fabric. With normal scissors, I would probably have gotten blisters,
but these were no problem to use.

20 fabric circles.

Next step: finishing the edges. I just ran the circles all through the serger.
The table rounds we saw on Etsy had black serged edges, but I used white

This is not the table arrangement my friend will be using, but I thought it was
a nice way to show off my handiwork :) All they need now is a little ironing.
I may have to outsource that job, since I don't currently own an ironing
It feels pretty good to have finally gotten this done. I have had the supplies I needed to complete this project for months, but had been putting it off in favor of other projects. When I finally decided I was going to get this done, I was incapacitated by a terrible headache for what felt like forever. So I consider this a win. What's next on the To-Do list? I'm not telling, I don't want to jinx myself again ;)

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