Tuesday, November 29, 2011

50 Blows

Yet another adventure in amateur cake-making. I have become the de-facto cake baker of the family, despite the fact that I really don't know what I'm doing, I guess I'm just the one willing to lay it all on the line and take the big risks. Remember the topsy-turvy 50 Sucks cake I made for my mother-in-law a few months ago? Well, I made its companion cake for my father-in-law, who was also turning 50: 50 Blows.

Now, the logical thing would be to make this cake with Blow-Pops, right? Well, after tossing a few ideas around, we decided to instead make his a cigar/humidor cake, as he has recently developed a liking for cigars. Here is yet another cake when knowing how to do fondant would have helped, but alas, I have not taken the time to experiment/learn.

This isn't a great picture, but you kind of get the idea:
This cake has a rectangular opening for the "cigars" (chocolate covered pretzel rods with sugar-paper bands). Brown icing for the wood, and matches made out of mini pretzel rods with red candy melt tips. The matches were my favorite touch.

This was kind of a rush job, and I didn't take the time to really photograph it well, but it met my minimum requirements: you could tell what it was supposed to be, and it tasted good. We had several different ideas on what to make the hinges and other hardware from, but were unable to find any of the items in question at the old Wal-Mart. Time was short, so I used what I COULD find--Sugar Sheets sucralose paper. Edible sugar. This stuff was easy to use (just cut out your shapes, moisten the back, and press into place), but kinda pricey. I think it was $2.50 per sheet. Luckily, one sheet was enough.

I must admit, although I'm not really a baker, I have been enjoying the cake experimentation. I was a sculpture major, after all, so I guess I SHOULD enjoy it, but you know how it is, we rarely enjoy those things we SHOULD. Anyhow, just wanted to share with you the latest creation. I hope to be posting more soon, so keep your fingers crossed that I will have the time to do all the things I have planned! Until next time, this is the Cardboard Crafter, signing off.

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  1. Wow! Love the humidor! What a clever cake! That box idea could have so many other uses. Hmm...Even a steampunk display case. Very cool!