Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And Then There Were Three...

My sweet daughter arranging furniture in her brand new cardboard
Barbie doll house.

My son loves nothing more than to take hours setting up his toys in some elaborate scene. So it should come as no surprise that he gets very put out when his little sisters "rearrange" things for him. As the G.I. Joe house has become more and more elaborate, the girls' fascination has grown. They will sneak into his room when he is watching TV and play and play (or as he sees it, mess and mess) with his awesome G.I. Joe house.

Now we've long had a rule that the girls were not allowed in his room. This began as a precautionary measure (many of his toys are choking hazards), but ended up as a way for my oft-neglected son to retain some autonomy and personal space in the chaos that has become our lives since the birth of the twins.

This evening, after I presented my son with his new G.I. Joe pastries (see previous post), the girls were so excited, they really REALLY wanted to play with his toys. He really Really REALLY didn't want them to. Mom's solution? We whipped up a new cardboard dollhouse.

I have no illusions that this dollhouse will be properly cared for. It probably won't last the week. But we have plenty of cardboard lying around. Someone gave me the construction paper. The only real sacrifice was the rest of my Elmer's glue, and I can buy more of that the next time I'm at the dollar store. (What is this, another excuse to go to the dollar store? Alright!)

All 3 kids participated. I cut the flaps off the boxes and taped and glued them together. The girls picked out the colors for the walls and floor that we covered. My son used his safety scissors to cut the paper to size. It was some good family time. And after the dollhouse was completed? I think the kid who was most excited was big brother. Ahh, well... I'm sure the girls will get some use out of it, especially once we have it furnished. If not? Well then, maybe the Joes will have a new neighbor. Either way, it was fun to put together, and for the time we spent (about an hour), I think it turned out pretty well.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun. Cardboard dollhouses are the best. :D