Saturday, March 24, 2012

Summer-izing the Kids' Wardrobes

Since we skipped winter, went right to spring, and now it's
feeling like summertime outside (it was in the 80's all week),
my kids needed some more warm-weather wear.

In typical fashion, I forgot to take any before pictures. These
were both long-sleeved shirts. Both are made of a light-weight
woven cotton, perfect weight for warm weather.

I thought I would like the purple shirt better (it was cuter to
start out with), but I think now I like the little white flowered
shirt better. It looks better as a short-sleeved shirt than it did
before I altered it.

This was an easy alteration, I just cut the sleeves and left about
3/4 inch seam allowance, turned it under, and ran it through
my sewing machine. Note: if you are cutting down a long-sleeved
t-shirt or something knit, you don't even have to hem it.

Now these sassy little girls are ready for the warm weather!

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