Wednesday, March 28, 2012

High Tea in the G.I. Joe House

I stopped by the Family Dollar today to pick up diapers on the way home from work. Now, you know me... I'm incapable of running to the shelf to grab what I need and checking out. I like to linger. I like to explore. I like to check out the clearance rack, look down the toy aisle, and get ideas. While my budget does not particularly approve of my little compulsion, my kids are okay with it. Here's what I found today:

These little Disney tea sets are the perfect scale for G.I. Joes or Barbies.
And at $3, you can't really beat the price. These were key chains, so you'd
have to remove the chain, but that would be simple enough. Although
my son's G.I. Joes love to have tea parties, I did not purchase the Disney
Princess tea sets today. (The Joes already have a couple nice porcelain sets.)

These little guys were also the perfect scale for the Joes. I can just imagine
the Joes skate boarding in their pink Chuck Taylors. Unfortunately, I think
my 5-year-old lacks the manual dexterity to operate the tiny screwdriver
that comes with this set. Maybe next year...

These are some of those collectible erasers that you see everywhere. They
are also the perfect for a G.I. Joe tea party (see above). What is high tea
without pastries?

These packages were only $1 each, so I got all 3 varieties. (Is it bad that I
got my son dollhouse accessories at the dollar store, and all I got for the
girls--besides diapers--were Matchbox cars?)

Hannah Montana is certainly enjoying her cake. And no, I didn't buy Ms.
Montana for my son--she belongs to his cousin. I draw the line at tween

What's this? Little Kelly has found a tray of dessert set out for the party.
I'm sure no one would miss a strawberry or two... 

While we're on the subject of Kelly, I just wanted to show you this. This
is from a previous shopping trip to Goodwill with the kids. The wooden
rocking horse is some kind of Christmas decoration, but it is the perfect
size for Little Kelly. And on that trip, the girls got new shoes, so hopefully
I'm not totally gender-confusing my kids. ;)
What kinds of cool things did you find today? Post pictures on the Facebook page! I'd love to hear your ideas. Have a great day!

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