Sunday, April 8, 2012

From Bedding to Beautiful: Pillowcase Easter Dresses

First of all, happy Easter, everyone! We've had a good morning, getting into our Easter goodies and talking about all the good things that Easter represents--resurrection of our Lord, Spring rebirth of all the animals and flowers, and, in our case, rebirth of some old pillow cases :)

I picked up a couple pillowcases from Goodwill for about 50 cents each and
matched them with some fabric from my stash. This is the first time I made
pillowcase dresses out of actual pillowcases.

I let the girls choose which pillowcase they wanted for
their own dress. (Luckily, they didn't both choose the
same one--that could have been a disaster!)

I measured it against each girl for length and cut the "top" off the pillowcase.
The open end made a nice pre-hemmed bottom. I cut some shallow indentations
for the arm holes, sewing a nice edge on them and finishing them like the
pillowcase dresses I made last spring. (Click on this link for more detailed
tutorial--there are links at the bottom of the post.)
Not as frilly as most Easter dresses, but I think they look
pretty sweet. The girls like them pretty well too, and that's
the most important thing.

I like the way Claire's dress has a dark band around the
bottom. I was tempted to sew some trim around the
bottom of Kate's, but the girls were pretty worked up
because Mama was out of sight for about half an
hour while I made these last night, and I decided to just
skip it.

They seem pretty happy with the end result, even if they weren't too thrilled
that Mama took a few minutes away from them to make their dresses.

And not to neglect my son, but he did not get a pillowcase
dress this year. Instead, he's rocking his white tuxedo
that we found on eBay for $5 last year. (He's too cool to

This kid loves to dress up as much as (and possibly more than) his
little sisters. I pinned his lapels down because they get a little wrinkly
when you toss a tuxedo in the washing machine... I possibly could have
ironed them down, but, well... this was easier.

Happy Easter, everyone!