Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Things Come in Brown Packages

Nothing makes me happier than finding a package in the mailbox...
This morning as I was leaving for work, I had a bill that needed to be mailed. I almost forgot it, but at the last second I ran out to the mailbox to toss it in. Imagine my surprise when I found this little beauty inside. Apparently, we hadn't checked the mail since Friday. I about kicked myself, because as soon as I saw the return address on this package, I knew what it was: something awesome! Something I COULD have been playing with over the weekend. Something I didn't have time to even open until about 7 PM today... Any guesses?

If you guessed a mad scientist kit, you were close...

A dollhouse lighting kit! Not just any kit, a Cir-Kit Concepts deluxe kit. A new one of these babies retails for about $130 (apparently--I stumbled across this fun fact when looking for tutorials on how to install it). This one is a few year old and doesn't have all the same parts as a new kit, but it seems to be complete enough (from the quick look I got before the monkeys descended upon me) ((I'm being attacked by monkeys as we speak)). 

After my recent success with the fireplace, I have been thinking about adding lighting to the rest of the new dollhouse under construction. I just have to make sure that this wiring kit is approved for cardboard... (after all, the last thing we need is a house fire, 1/12 scale!)

Everything you need to light up a dollhouse, except the lights.

This kit has a transformer (not the alien robot kind), a roll of tape-wire, about half a dozen cords, and some tiny metal brads. There are no actual light fixtures, but these are readily available at the craft store or online. From what I can tell, this older lighting kit ought to be 100% compatible with the pieces brand new off the shelf. It's all I can do to keep myself from going on eBay and ordering a few light fixtures right now... Just imagining those little brown packages in my mailbox brings out the little kid in me :)

Thanks so much to Erin for the awesome gift!!!


  1. I hope it will work! I inherited all of my grandma's sewing stuff and this was in a box. She had at least one doll house that I remember. I figured I'll never use it and I'm so glad I knew someone who would!

  2. Oooo...sounds fun!! Let there be light! And, let us know how it goes! :)