Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Dollar Store Dollhouse Finds

After some of the things I've gotten for the Joes lately, they are probably
looking for something manly like this pool table... (Dollar General--$1)

Are you getting bored with this line of posts yet? If so, I sincerely apologize. Hopefully, instead of bored, you are inspired to grab your purse, hop into your car, and head to your nearest dollar store to see what awesome things you can finf to adapt to dollhouse use. If not, well... maybe I have at least given you some ideas for later.

Wash cloths or dish cloths, like handkerchiefs, make great blankets. They
are pre-cut to size and have hemmed edges. Great for when you're too lazy
to sew, or if your machine is on the fritz.

Looking for a pillow for your doll's bed? A dish sponge is a great size for
this. I would recommend covering with a pillow case if possible.

Although the drawers are not to scale, this could be a dresser for the Joes
or Barbies. This little guy is about 10" tall. You might repaint the floral
drawers with a solid or tasteful pattern, if you're feeling ambitious.

I didn't buy any of the other items pictured, but I did pick up this little mirror
and book. The book is a key chain, but the chain was easily removed. I gave
this to my son--his wizard G.I. Joe can use it as a spell book. (What, there can
be wizards in the Joes squad if my kid wants...). The little mirror will be used
in my little dollhouse, in the bathroom above the sink. There is a hole in the
wall covering that needs camouflaged. I figure I'll have to do something about
that pink, however...
I'll show you what I do with the mirror later :) 

If you are working on any similar projects, feel free to share in the comments or post pictures to my Facebook page!

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